I want To make food preservation accessible to everyone, whether they live in a tiny galley style kitchen in SoHo and no canning tools to speak of, to the well jammed and sticky. It's time we remembered what real food tastes like and know what's in it.
Growing up in the southeast mid to late summer was all about "putting up". I've been around canning, freezing, drying, and pressure cookers all my life. My grandmother and my aunt have been my biggest influences and, still are. It was just a natural progression that I began making and canning applesauce for my son, Oliver when he was a baby. In a tiny, galley style kitchen with no real canning supplies to speak of I began a love affair that has yet to fade. I don't claim to be an expert. But, I have some on speed dial. I just want to share my passion for this satisfying kitchen craft for any that are interested. And, if you want to share your knowledge, please do.